Stepanov Alexander Igorevich, b 1952, Ph.D., lives in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Sinse later 1970s and during 1980s years was one of the authors of the underground magazines "Chasy", "Obvodnyi kanal", "Mitin zhurnal" (the section of critique, themes - Soviet avant-garde of 50s - 80s years). Was a member of the association of writers "Club - 81". Sinse 1990 formed part of the editorial staff of the magazine "Vestnik novoi literatury". Sinse later 1980s the sphere of interests moves towards direction of political sciences. Publications: the magazine "Logos" (St.Petersburg's reading-matters for philosophy of the culture, St.Petersburg State University), transactions of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (Russian Academy of Science), the magazine "Labirint/Extsentr". In 1990s was a member of the social and political union "Svobodnaia Rossia", "Philosophskoe obshchestvo Sankt-Peterburga".

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